About Us

Gaddis is dedicated to delivering professional cleaning equipment hat meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers.

This is based on reliable, easy-to-use and service friendly roduct portfolio. We will have the best quality/price ratio in our target market. We will support our customers through our well trained dealers, who know their markets, segments and our products very well.

Cleaning professionals
Cleaning professionals today face various challenges: more competition and increasing price pressure as well as new cleaning fields and processes.
This is why a reliable partner with focus on easy to use equipment is necessary – and we can meet these demands.

Education and Public Administration
Substantial sum of money are invested in educational facilities and their operation. In order to protect these investments and create a positive learning environment, these facilities require continuous maintenance using professional cleaning technology.
These areas demand high efficiency, reliability and costeffective products – and Viper we can meet these demands Office,auditorias, classrooms, canteens, sports halls and outside areas require constant cleaning attention.